About Me


I´m Jimi Friis, a software developer with experience from servers and network engineering (found by the nick JimiSweden in various IT forums).

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I have always liked technical stuff so the world of IT is a great place to be. I love sports and people (at least some of them), and I also have a thing for design (furniture, functional, ergonomics) and business.



Economics, Technics and Design (Ekonomi, Teknik och Design) – A 3year program with focus on business economics (50%) and the other 50% devided in to Production techniques, Art History, Painting, Product Design etc. – This was when I wanted to work in marketing.

Then i changed my mind and went to Cisco Network Academy at Mälardalens Högskola
Computer Scientist – Network engineering (Datavetenskapliga Programmet, inriktning Nätverksteknik) – A 3year program with focus on Routing, Switching, Wireless, Security, Project Management. And of course some math and programming (Java, C, Shell, ..).


I have worked with a lot of stuff (sales person in clothing, cell phones and fire security, warehouseman, car assemble, medicine production) that was fine, well some of them were boring but gave me money :-).

Today I´m working in the area I really enjoy, IT.