Eset Remote Administration Console – Nod32

How to disable Password Protection in Nod32 antivirus.

To update a setting in Nod32 the setting must be enabled in the policy, if you just disable a setting in the policy it will not change the setting on the clients.

If Password protection is enabled in Nod32 you will not be able to uninstall it from a logon script

Procedure to disable password protection is as follows

  1. In admin console open up the policy manager from Tools menu
  2. Pick the policy to edit and press edit
  3. Mark “Eset Smart Security…” > ESET Kernel > Setup > Protect setup parameters
  4. Chose “Unmark” to disable the setting
  5. Chose “Mark” to enable the setting, but do NOT enter a password
  6. Save the policy

That´s it.


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