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Outlook 2007 outside the office (RPC over HTTP)

How to set up Outlook to work outside the office with no need for a VPN connection.

This will only work if your Mail administrator has configured the mailserver correctly.
If you are an administrator read my article Outlook Anywhere settings from GPO to learn how to enable these settings via GPO.

I usually send my own version of this HowTo to users I am administering (when the GPO settings is not an option), because then I can show them exactly how to do it with the correct values (it is easy to get confused when you don’t work with IT).

But for you I think these guides from Microsoft will be better.

English: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/HP101024441033.aspx?pid=CH101395531033
If the link doesn’t work, google for “Use Outlook Anywhere to connect to your Exchange server without VPN”

Swedish: http://office.microsoft.com/sv-se/outlook/HP101024441053.aspx
Om länken inte fungerar så googla efter “Använda funktionen Outlook överallt för att ansluta till din Exchange-server utan ett VPN”

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