samsung vpn anyconnect mobile error on samsung galaxy tab

Samsung AnyConnect Mobile error on samsung galaxy tab

the error says: network state information is needed to complete initialization please enable networks and restart the application

this only happens before a first vpn profile is added tho anyconnect


the solution is to enable the wireless (wifi) network, even though you are not connected to a wifi network the anyconnect client will work, at least it did on both devices i had problem with.

Android version 3.1 (

Galaxy Tab GT-P7500

Samsung (< SEP20011) AnyConnect Mobile

One thought on “samsung vpn anyconnect mobile error on samsung galaxy tab

  1. If VPN login does not work, check that your password do NOT contain language specific characters as Å Ä Ö
    For some reason it doesn´t work on the Android version 3.1 (

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